One of the major issues that bother tourists visiting New York is to find the easiest and cheapest way to get from JFK to Time Square.

A taxi ride can be rather expensive and it can cost you up to $50 or even more. There is an airport bus connecting the airport and the city and the price for a ticket is $20 per person. However, there is one more option and we are about to explain it to you.

The cheapest way to get to Time square is to get on Air Train after you land and sort all the airport formalities. You can get on Air Train from any gate on the airport. The ticket costs $5. Remember to get off the train on Jamaica station.

Once arrived on Jamaica station, you go one floor below and you get the train to Pen Station. The ticket costs $6.

Pen Station is only few minutes’ walk from the most popular destination in New York, Time Square, but also from other destinations located in the center of the city.

Author: Petar Poposki
Photo: Irena P.