A message popped in our inbox from a tourist from Europe, who wanted to share his experience about his stay in New York:

-Last year I visited New York twice, once on a business trip and once on a personal one, with my family. I stayed in three different hotels, one in Queens, other close to Pen Station and a third one on 57th street, between Avenues 9 and 10. Let me say a word or two about the third one, which I highly recommend.

I am talking about the Watson Hotel situated in Midtown, in the popular neighborhood Hell’s Kitchen. According to me, the position is perfect. It is very close to Times Square (only 10 minutes’ walk), and to Central Park, a must- visit place if you are in New York.

The first warm sun-rays in the month of March bring so many people in the park, who usually take out a blanket and catch the sun in early spring.

But, let me get back to the Watson. I was mostly fascinated by the hygiene in the hotel, as well as the customer service. You notice the hospitality as early as at the main entrance, since there are people who help you with the luggage.

As soon as you enter the hotel, you see the friendly faces of the people who work at the front desk. Another great thing is that, at the counter in the lobby, you can buy very affordable tickets for the most popular attractions in the city.

The hotel offers an on-site parking (very important for New York) and there is a pool as well! The food is delicious, and the bar at the end of the lobby resembles the best New York bars. It is the perfect place to relax in the evening after a whole day of activities in the city.

The New York Fashion Week took place in one of the hotel halls during our stay there, so my family and I were lucky enough to see an event which we would otherwise watch only on TV.

The Watson Hotel is rated as a 3-stars hotel on Booking, but I think it deserves 4 stars due to the acceptable price, the amenities it offers, the hygiene and the polite and friendly staff.

Author: Petar Poposki

Photo: Irena P.