Governor Cuomo announced a series of new, stricter regulations for New York State today

This includes that now 100% of the non-essential workforce cannot travel into work. It also includes a stay-at-home policy–he was careful not to say “shelter in place.” He uses the acronym PAUSE:

Everyone must remain indoors to the greatest extent to protect physical and mental health.

Non-essential gatherings of individuals of ANY size for ANY reason are cancelled at this time.

You may go outside only for essentials like groceries and medicine.

You can exercise and walk pets, but it must be solitary. The executive order will go into effect Sunday evening, March 22. No individual civil fines will be given out at this time, but it is a mandatory order (though businesses not complying will be fined or even forced to close).

He’s the second governor in U.S. to make the statewide order, and a historic first for New York State.