The citizens of New Jersey, New York, as well as the millions of tourists arriving daily in New York City, also known as the “center of the world”, can enjoy in yet another place for relaxation and shopping.

Namely, American Dream, the most spectacular shopping mall in North America, is only 20-30 minutes’ drive, only 8 miles away, from the heart of Manhattan.

A team of journalists of the Around NYC portal visited the mall before the Christmas holidays. We were fascinated by the sight, both from the exterior and interior part of the mall.

The mall is still not completely open for the public, that is, the retail store area is in its final stages of construction. However, the entertainment facilities are open for visitors.

Apart from the skating rink and the waterland, there is also a ski slope with a ski lift in this mega mall. Yes, you read it well. There is an indoor ski slope available for skiers and skiboarders who live or visit New York and New Jersey.

American Dream

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So, no more extra money and trips to the nearest mountains to relax on the snow.

The mall is spread on an area of 3 million square feet, and even though it might not be the biggest mall in the USA, our impression is that it will be the most spectacular one.

So, let’s recap. Its closeness to Manhattan makes this mall an extremely attractive destination for both the residents and the tourists, and you are missing a lot if you still haven’t visited American Dream.

Author: Petar Poposki

Photo: Irena P.

Cover photo source: American Dream Facebook Fan Page