Yesterday I went shopping for winter clothes at a very famous retailor shop in Manhattan, New York. I tried a few things, they looked great on me so I decided to buy them.

On some of them, there was a discount price, and on some, there wasn’t. To be sure, I checked all of them on the item scanner. The prices were discounted as stated on the price tag.

But, what happened at the register. I stood in the line and waited until it was my turn to pay, and the cashier asked for $194, but according to my math, the bill should have been $139. The difference is $55!!!

I Instantly reacted, but she was certain that the prices on her computer are correct. When I told her to go to the item scanner and see for herself, she finally believed me.

She corrected the prices and started apologizing and told me that I should pay $ 139. That’s a shame for such a famous brand. They almost robbed me!

So, open your eyes before paying anything at the cash register!