The MTA has been rolling out a lot of changes recently, the biggest one being the gradual transition from the classic MetroCard to OMNY by 2023. With four years left to go, the more pressing upcoming issue is in regards to the switch from students’ half-fare to full-fare cards.

Following the recent introduction of the Fair Fares program, which allows NYCHA residents, CUNY students and veterans access to discounted MetroCards, the MTA have now proposed a new policy regarding eligibility of full-fare MetroCards for students in grades K-12.

If the resolution is approved after the vote taking place tomorrow, it would result in the students who currently hold half-fare (includes only bus use/given to students living within at least 0.5 mile of their school) MetroCards being upgraded to full-fare cards. These allow for three free trips between 5:30am and 8:30pm on both buses and subways.

This proposition seems like a welcome change, considering the often tedious and inefficient system the half-fare students have to go through when paying the additional $1.35 (in coins!) for each of their rides.

This in turn holds up everyone else in the cue to board and adds unnecessary time onto what should be relatively quick process. Once passed, the switch is estimated to cost the MTA $200,000.